Monday, December 04, 2006


I am so looking forward for after Thursday:
  1. To start planning for a holiday westbound roadtrip (possibly all girls), out to the desert (I want to visit Marfa, TX, too), New Mexico, and might be stretched as far as Colorado (for some skiing). I am so thrilled for the abundance of objects and places to be photographed. The thing is I would only have access to a manual 35 mm Olympus camera as my brother is bringing the Canon with him for his trip home. To think about the cost for films and developing and the fact there will be no instant gratification over the pictures.
  2. To pick up the exercise and healthy lifestyle routine once and again. This time, NY is joining the bandwagon.


Anonymous said...

waaa.. how dare you go to marfa without moi???? hikss..

[di]ngin yah

Xinda said...

Mon ami, you're gonna have one blast of a trip to the windy city, too!

kodoque said...


are you talking about marfa as in the town with the blinking lights from outerspace? HAHUAHUHAUHA..

my dearly beloved went there..

and..urr...apparently not much to see...well there's that prada store in the middle of nowhereee!!

Xinda said...

Funny, I was just looking at you guys' photogallery and saw the pictures Toto took of his Wild West Texas trip.