Friday, December 22, 2006

Remember Christmas

This person right here, it was just two days ago when she was all grumpy for having to work long hours. Under the usual circumstances, the long hours have been a habitual practice of the last five years, but not this time around, baby. It's almost Christmas and she had just passed her prelim, what she needs is a little break. On top of that, most of those samples she had been dutifully worked did not meet her expectation. Adding to the pressure, she had to give a talk at the last research group meeting of the semester while trying to catching up on a rapidly approaching deadline.

While working on the presentation, she came up with an idea to what caused the samples to fail. The next day, she quickly approached her boss and they discussed a possible quick fix. And it worked. She just needed to remeasure the samples.

So all day yesterday, she got that euphoria of working back. She is also catching up on her Christmas spirit listening to the O Antiphons and Christmas Novenas on YouTube. Yes, she needs more than gaudy Christmas decorations and secular songs about winter wonderland. She still loves this song, though.

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