Saturday, December 16, 2006

Drama Queen Saturday

What I hate about myself is this tendency to romanticize and fantasize thing that has an equivalent meaning as speck of dust in the wind. And then to wasting much of the unnecessary time to dwell and to psychoanalyze it, all just to no avail. I just couldn't help it. For instance, for the better part of today, what I wanted was for you to treat me better than an alternative. That in itself is truly far fetched, even when pig finally can fly. I know you too well. Argh.


nadia said...

hmmm.. oooh... ahh...i see.

Xinda said...

;P Remember, this is the Drama Queen talking. Jadi ndak usah dimasukin hati, lah yaw.

Anonymous said...

I am so gonna quote you later.
Gossips to follow.

-yang udah [di] dallas