Saturday, December 30, 2006

Xnow Day, Day 2

What I like about this land of the Pueblo is its abundance of natural parks and attractions. Tapi ini udah gak lucu, today is the second day of snow, which is not fine since our hotel is smacked dab in the middle of Albuquerque. All roads and portion of the interstates we needed to travel outbound are packed with snow and generally are not safe to use. No snow chain + minimum driving experience on iced, slushed,and snowed road = stranded at the hotel, again + eat at Owl's Cafe, again (this one is okay, we love the atmosphere of the place)+ what amounts to zillion card games. There are so many places to see and only two days left. We haven't even gone skiing.

I-25, which naturally spans North-South, is needed to travel up to Bandalier, a part of a scenic 100-mile trail of Indian ruins, waterfalls, and much more. To the south, there are the Las Cruces area, the sand dunes and more of the state parks and cultural attractions.

Passage to the west to Amarillo along I-40, which leads to our return route, is currently closed. That should not be a problem should it be still snowing next Monday. There is always the alternate route from southern NM thru I-10 via Marfa.

No snow. That's part what I like about Texas.


Anonymous said...

aw that succccccccccccccks. udah ga snow kan skg? uda bisa jalan2??

Xinda said...

Masih ditutup highway nya...dan kalo mo ski, jalan ke pegunungannya juga ber-es gitu...huhuhu

Dino said...

Texas does snow at the panhandle (lubbock and above)

Xinda said...

Ha, I know you would say that. It doesn't snow in the part of Texas we've lived in, at least.