Sunday, July 04, 2010

Still Depressed

While we are still talking about the depression episode, I figured I needed to record tonight. In attempt to clear my mind, I dragged myself this evening to a neighboring market place. There are a nice grocery store, fast food restaurants, cafes, bakeries and many small businesses in the area. It is quite a convenience. So I walked across the manicured neighborhood. Blooming agapanthus greeted me all the way. I even smelled some fresh flowery scent in the air.

At the store, I picked up a couple of odd ends of stuff, mainly junk food, and rented a DVD from the box. This evening, it was 2012. I had had strong premonition about the movie, not only on the cheesiness of the story but also on the non-sense science, it was confirmed. At least, the shrimp burrito was a perfect dinner. At the end, I feel the need to neutralize the built up negativity. I found that endless dose of The Muppet Show was just the answer.

Yes, there is little difference in my life two months into the marriage. Husband, we both know, I need you here pronto, lest, I am going crazy.

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