Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Unusual Day

What a weird day today is. I woke up this morning and just wished I didn't have to. As I dragged myself out of bed three minutes after the alarm went off, I thought that 07/07/07 was such a good date, while 07/07/10 is not.

The day being unusual started with my drive to work. First, I almost hit another car turning left just went I was turning out my apartment complex. Gladly, he stopped before he actually turned left and gave me the right of way. Second, I was late to switch lanes and was trying to hit on the gas, I thought I did a good job but the car behind me honked. I rarely got honked.

Then, there were uncountable mistakes I did at work when I was the one operating the machine. Seriously, those mistakes were too many to count. Luckily, I didn't break anything or kill anyone over the 10+ runs. They were petty mistakes and can easily be fixed or got rerun. I just never made that many mistakes in one day.

What else? Husband butt dialed me twice and didn't pick up my return call. This was the first time he butt dialed me ever.

All in all, I have a premonition that this is God's telling me that something "big" is coming my way. O Dios mio.

So, good bye, just in case I manage to stupidly kill myself tonight. I would like to have this epitaph on my tombstone:

"She'd only hope she did a much better job leading her life."

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