Friday, July 23, 2010


A couple friend of ours got pregnant. She had this splitting headache for months and finally gave up to see a doctor, a cousin of hers.

"Dude, you don't know you are pregnant?" says Doctor Cousin after she was done examining her. My friend had been carrying four months without realizing there is a fetus growing.

My friend is a typical happy-go-lucky. At least around that time, she sure had a certain uneasiness about the pregnancy. It is long due. They have been married for almost four years and have been together longer. Both sides of the family have been crying for grand baby all those years.

When I told husband the story, he said, "Well, it sure is cheaper than IVF."

"You are mean. Don't say that, we might need it." This is after he spelled out what IVF stands for.

"Yeah, I know."

Our conversations these days are typical of married people. It revolves around planning a family which right now mostly consists of babies and house. I have melodramatic tendency around these two topics.

"Maybe we should move out of California, there's no way we can afford anything here."

"Of course, we can. I will get a good job and we can start saving."

"Yeah, we can, but not on my time line."

"Gee, you are like one those people who want to drive a Beemer."

"What? I don't want a luxury car, I drive a [insert expletive] Saturn."

"No, I mean, you are just set to have a house."

"Yeah, it's the American dream, isn't it."

"OK, maybe we will move out California. Take it easy, Tiger."

I, for once, think it is a wife's job to drive her husband forward. We hope we will be okay eventually, it looks like it will be a bumpy road ahead.

Re fertility, even Facebook agrees with me. LoL. Are you married? Are you in your 30s? Do you need to get pregnant? Do you want bubbles with that (since this is CA)?

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