Sunday, September 24, 2006

Because I have nothing else to tell

Uhm, do you find the above picture cute (slightly larger size, here)? I know at least three people say so. I call it "The Three Amigos and a Troll," specifically, Mr. Bear, Mr. Doggie Bear, Mr. Bear Bear and the unnamed Troll. They are safely perched on a hanging shelf three feet above The Mini. Ah, enough with the cuteness.

How is everyone's first day of puasa? When I got back from the Rec tonight, I found lots of cars parked up on the street. I was wondering what was up with this phenomena since it wasn't a Thursday, a Friday or a Saturday. And then I saw the mosque, ah, tarawih was in session.

Anyway, on Saturday I felt a sudden urge to (slow)cook. Luckily, we had that rump roast that had been sitting on the freezer for almost month. That kind of meat is perfect for braising. I threw together two packages of instant Rendang spices, a can of coconut milk, about 800 mL of water, and the cut up meat into the slowcooker. Voila, three hours later, we had the pseudo Rendang done. Yum! Eat it over a bed of Basmati rice (it was on sale, really really cheap), and it feels like as if I was eating my favorite Nasi Padang restaurant.

Okay, back to laundry now.

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