Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Epiphany


It hit me. It was always about me needing you (emotionally?). I've become a non-independent, too much accomodating, yeowoman I always despise. But then, you did things that made me realize you need me probably as much as I need you. And that my friend, is a warm fuzzy bit of emotion I've been feeling, my natural high. If only I can keep it like that.

Relationship, beside love (and romance, teuteup), is much about interdependence and solid team work. Just like you proclaimed the other day. I hope I'd find that person to share it with...adventually eventually.


nadia said...

who is this person ya talkin abttt? :P

Xinda said...

Starts with an N... :p

kodoque said...

HAH?? wat what wattt what did i miss??

Xinda said...

Nggak ada kok, Ka. Cerita lama. :p