Monday, September 11, 2006

Bloggin' time

Pak Dodol wrote about the saturation of the blogosphere and at the end this is what he said.

I think I'm missing the good ol' blogosphere.

The silly online diarists' neighborhood where everybody knows your name.

Ah, I miss watching Cheers. Digressing.

What he points out below is what I couldn't disagree more.

You know what, that title above, The Saturation of the Blogosphere? Check that. It should've read: The Saturation of My Blogosphere. My personal blog-world can barely take in new blogs, other than those whose authors I know personally or I can at least relate to personally.

My Bloglines consists of blogs from authors I know in person and/or can relate to. I have stopped blogwalking for quite a while and been mainly relied on the feed aggregator for my daily dose of blogreadings. My comment on his entry:

Iya, jadi jarang blogwalk, yang ngenalin Bloglines kan elu.

Saking jenuhya sama blog sendiri yang "saturated" dengan hal-hal nggak jelas keseharian, sekarang gue malah nge-ghostwrite. Ha ha ha. Masih dengan tema yang sama, tapi rasanya lebih seger. Ha ha ha.

Which brings us to this topic...

Main Entry: ghost·write
Pronunciation: 'gOs(t)-"rIt
Function: verb
intransitive verb : to write for and in the name of another
transitive verb : to write (as a speech) for another who is the presumed author
Remember the running-partner-turn-Rec-buddy? Other than KYH, my labmates, Bu Didi (virtually), KIkH, Ade Hon (the last two mostly on weekends), he's the one I spend a considerable amount of time with almost everyday. Naturally, a lot of his life got intertwined with mine, tidbits volunteered and exchanged.

One day, bored with the nature of my blog, I got a lightbulb working and decided to do a ghostwrite for him instead also. It is a fun thing to do trying to make it look like a guy's writing. He thinks it's nothing like his style. And, Ka, Toto said it sounds feminine.

Anyhow, I am having such a high time ghostwriting, eventhough the "subject" of the blog and his roomates couldn't really get the humor I am trying to convey.

Read all about it here.


kodoque said...

Errhh KIH.."he" does sound pretty feminime...I dunnow..something about being specifics on the details of daily activities maybe? clueee

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