Thursday, September 28, 2006

What are you doing the rest of your life?

I've known you, what, 1/3 of my life? How many of those years has been filled with lies? Yours. I am good on finding information, man, it's what I do with those information that's questionable.

How could a so called wise ass grown up man does those kind of things to himself? But then since your lies do not do me any damage, I decide to play along with it, well, more to ignoring things.

The truth is, you used to be the one person I look up to, an older brother I never have. And I've grown. Have you ever noticed how cold I have been all these years?

You're clearly on the path of self destruction. You need help. I've washed my hands.


nadia said...

you seem... angry.

ny said...

I know who the person is. Starts with a N isn't it?

nadia said...

N? nadia kah? AHUAHUAHA jay kay.. im sure it aint me.. you loves me. :P

Xinda said...

NY, no name!

Ade, I do. :p