Sunday, September 17, 2006

My favorite Virgoan

That cute girl on the left, let me tell you. It's almost heartbroken that she has been through quite a lot of medical procedure from such a tender young age. But hey, she survives, a goodsport and a firecracker that she always is.

She has blessed with and accomplished so much. The coolest family, a bright mind, an easygoing personality, a functional leadership skill, a meaningful relationship. If nothing else, she's on the express track towards wellroundedness. A nice person too, one will definitely enjoy her company anytime.

Happy 21st, Kak Ika Hon.

What you lack in age, you make up for in madness (among other things...about Korean drama, so help us God).

Live long and prosper & may the Force be with you, dear.
It might be the gloomy day, it might be the hormonal thing, it might be that I am just tired. I tear up a bit just to think how all road just lead back to you. I thought I have let you go completely. I haven't.


Anonymous said...

so what's my rank among the virgoans huh???

Xinda said...

My favoritest Virgoan...NY, you're more like a Leo anyway.

Uh uh, ini orang-orang kok pada jeles semua sih bawaannyaaaaaaaaa

nadia said...

um, can i be ur most favorite arien? is that what they call aries ppl?

kodoque said...

I LOVE YOU, KAK!!! I'm tearing up a bit here. Terharuuuu!!!
Thank you!!

Xinda said...


Xinda said...

Ade: Ariesan? Loh itu yang bulanan, kalo nggak berhubungan ama panci, kondo kali ya, biar agak elit.