Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

Out of the stupid and unfortunate stuff I've done all my life, I managed to:
1) drop the left lense of a stylish prescription eyeglasses through the small opening between the elevator and the floor. I swear I can hear the sound of it breaks as it lands on the ground floor.
2) "misplace" the spare glasses, which by the way, are old and scratchy.

Now I'm pretty much relied on contact lenses. The thing is, I have issues with the contact on the left eye. It gets blurry from time to time (and to make things worse, I usually wear these contact lenses to sleep, being lazy and never mastered the quick way to put them on).

To remedy the situation, I usually:
a) would blink, a lot. Gosh, who knows, some people might think I'm winking at them.
b) grab the rewetting drops and use it one too many times. If people see me, it looks like I've been crying all day, what with the redness and the teary eyes.
c) and when b) is not enough, I'd take the said contact out, clean it and put it back on, which does not solve the problem at all. It'd still be blurry.
d) When I couldn't handle the blurriness, the blinking, the eyedrops, and the cleaning, I would just take them off. I can still handle life without eyesight correction devices, well, maybe except to watch DVD with subtitles.
Oh, and appropos to the DVD watching...
e) would just go ahead and wear my out-of-style prescriptive (sun)glasses.

"What a dork!" NY would tease me. But hey, whatever works, you know. This song by Corey Hart would be appropriate everytime.


nadia said...

kinda hon.. those contacts.. are those the ones that you need to change annually? every six monts? every month or every 2 weeks? punya ade yg every two weeks yg acuvue advanced.. enak bgt.. and of course, i suggest you taking em out at night hahah unless u have one of those contacts that u can actually wear to sleep! durrr.. leavin em in there is bad for ur eyes (you can get infections) anddd.. bisa masuk ke dlm mata.. and thatd be real bad...

Xinda said...

Got it! Thanks, De. Kemaren udah ganti yang baru, everything's a okay. Kalo dipake tidur, umur lensanya jadi lebih pendek. Should've changed them days ago.