Monday, October 02, 2006

In chronological order

Number of student I bought and got advice on a certain South of the Border liquor and mix (this was on the Saturday before the first Monday lab section he attended) = 1

Number of student whose load of laundry I liberally moved to the dryer because I just couldn't wait for a few more minute to put mine into the washer and then he came and I had to explain the whole situation which placed us on a little more than awkward chit chat = 1

Number of student added moi to his Facebook (kurang kerjaan banget sampe bisa ketemu coba) = 1

Number of student has seen moi in pajamas at 2 PM on a Sunday afternoon while getting the trash out and doing laundry = 1


nadia said...


Xinda said...

And those were only from the first month of school! JOAOJAOAOAOJ...

Anonymous said...

number of students who think you're cool = at least 4.



Xinda said...

Three, two of those by the same person. HAHAHAHA