Saturday, October 28, 2006

DQ Saturday

You have three choices in life: live for today, live for tomorrow, or live for the past. When all channels have been exhausted, living for today does not equal the pleasantries it is supposed to be corresponded with. Living for tomorrow, as always, gives a sense of hope and with it a stand to fight for whatever that might go wrong or right or in between. And that, my friend, can be exhausting as well because tomorrow seems to be a million light years away. And really in the grand scheme of things, one is nothing but a small speck of dust in the wind. Living in the past, on the other hand, brings about the old, the ever familiar, the comfort zone. How attractive it is! I'd rather living today for tomorrow. But for today, I miss talking to you. I miss you.


kodoque said...

awww..i love this entry!!!!

kakk..i so feel you!!

i want to go back to the old comfort zone..

living for today and tomorrow is too exhausting...the pressure that the thought of tomorrow brings...aaaaaahh.....

Xinda said...