Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Totally, totally stealing this from Hani

"Pinjem", ya, Han. Hihihi.

Inside Her My Bag

The bag: Maroon/Brown Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag (knock-off, made in HK, hoahoaohaoha)

On her trip home last May, NY stop-overed in HK for two days. She promised to bring back some people --you know who you are-- some top quality designer bag knock offs. In actuality, she only got mom, her, and me. The two of them each got one of those Coach monograms. For me, since the forewarned "I don't want anything monogrammed and fake," she bought me the motorcycle bag instead. Really, it wasn't love at first sight for me. The bag resembles what an inang-inang would wear and don't get me started on the "tentacles". But in the end, I grew fond of it. It makes organizing easier with the inside pockets and pouch.

The content (divided into three categories, clockwise, started from the left):

  1. The techies stuff
    • MP3 player with the arm band--great for Rec trip
    • Flash drive--great for computer lab trip
    • Cellphone, handset, charger--great for organizing social and academic life and of course for gossipping

  2. The administrative stuff
    • Checkbook--for that last minute rent payment
    • Two red pens (couldn't function without), two black pens (I never really use these), and a highlighter
    • Hello Kitty keychain--office and lab keys (dubbed the dirtiest, literally, Hello Kitty in the whole wide world), multicolor beaded keychain (apt, cars, mailbox)
    • Rosary
    • Prescription sunglasses (never really use these either)
    • Wristlet (financial stuff, blood donor card, towel card, IDs, a pen, and a lipgloss)

  3. The hygene stuff
    • Rewetting drop for contacts
    • Bodywash
    • Bodyspray
    • Antibacterial thing
    • Tissue
    • Oil blotter (I just found this inside one of the pockets today, it's NY's)
    • Ponytail
    • 500-mg Ponstan (my favorite analgesic ever)
Really, I don't carry this bag and the whole content other than when I go to school. Most of the time, I saunter around with only the wristlet and the cellphone.

That's all folks!


hanzky said...

xindaaa..ahh kenapa nggak sekalian di submit buat di aja sihh? gue colong yaa..hehehe, copy paste buat kamis depan..hihi..makasih lho jeung..*lhoo emang udah di ijinin..:D*...

btw, xin, pa kabar..lama banget dehh nggak jumpa...padahal kan we're only a click away yaa...=)

Xinda said...

Boleh boleh. Tadinya mo disubmit kok, Jeung. Cuman sungkan, orang mempromosikan pembelian dan pemakaian barang palsu gitu loh. Kasian yang punya hak cipta hahahha....

Iya nih, gue baru tau lagi elu pindah ke sono, Han. Ya sekarang sering maen sih tapi nggak pernah ninggalin kecuali di sitemeter kali ye..hehehehe...

hanzky said...

hihi, iya gue taunya juga dari sitemeter kok ada link dari alamat ini..blognya siapa kahh..heheheh...ya udah besok gue copy paste yaa...ehh nanti december balik lagi nggak?..yuuk kita ke EX lagi?..heheh....

barang palsu?..alahhh it's only a bag dear..kalo palsuin duit baru dehh kriminal..heheh...bokap gue aja yang seorang konsultan paten (punya law firm di bidang trademark, copyright and intellectual property) gitu sering bilang ke nyokap..ngapain siihh beli tas mahal2 orang di mangga dua juga banyak yang mirip..hihi.....anak2nya beli cd bajakan juga di cuekin aja...hehehe..nggak konsisten banget ya... whatever saves him money i guess..:D

Xinda said...

Tadinya pengen balik, Han, cuman gitu deh ada halangan. Summer depan kali, kalo bisa.

Ha ha ha. Your Dad is fun! Mangdu emang top tuh, si NY ketagihan.. ha ha ha.