Wednesday, October 18, 2006


A friend once told me he couldn't understand when people complain about their lack of conversation topics. The fact that there is nothing to converse about is a conversation topic, which brings us to the lack of update here in the Dungeon. It's been, what, five days since my last post?

I was feeling particularly hostile towards a certain person last Saturday, hence the post below. Unlike 80% of the matters posted in this blog, it wasn't anything about the yucky love stuff. It was about the disappointment of being taken for granted by somebody you consider a good friend.

Anyhow, it got carried over to Sunday. NY dragged me out of the bed. I went to church with her with a heart as hard as diamond drilling bit. I didn't follow any of the readings, I didn't sing, I even didn't take communion. It faded out towards the evening. I realized, it was just me, as usual, being overly dramatic about some ridiculous sentimental feeling.

And what did I know, it seems that that person really can read my mind. Without me even no where close to touching the subject, he voluntary conveyed the details. It made me come to my senses once and again.

Ah, unto the better days (and self) ahead.

What I mean by coming to my senses is to not putting high expectations on people I couldn't count on. I was facing an almost exact situation today and it didn't bother me at all. Yay, independence!


nadia said...

glad you're feelin much better. :)

Xinda said...

Zhank you vewy much.