Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Yay, it's ToT time!

Tonight is the first of the six of Theology on Tap series. The original ToT was jump started by the Archdiocese of Chicago 25 years ago and has been a hit amoung young Catholic professionals across America ever since. Where else can you say, "Hey Father, let me buy you a beer" appropriately while immersing in discussions bridging the 2000-year old faith to today's secular daily life?

At B/CS, these events are sponsored by the Diocese of Austin and hosted by Catholic Seeds, a local group of young professional, 21-39 years old, single or married. I love the Seeds' disclaimer that it is not a Catholic singles group where, for example, you can execute a JLAH/JLAW plan. I mean, you sure can but that's not supposed to be *cough* the main purpose.

The complete schedule and speakers:
Oct 3 - Rev. Italo Dell'Oro - "Where is the Church Headed? Pope Benedict XVI's First 500 Days"

Oct 10 - Arthur Canales - "Insights on Christian Marriage: Why So Many Want It and Why So Many Fail at it in the United States?"

Oct 17 - Rev. David Konderla - "A Recipe for Success: The Ingredients for a Healthy Relationship"

Oct 24 - Rev. Mike Sis - "Decisions, Desires, Discernment: Does God Have a Plan for Me?"


Nov 7 - Sarah Hayes - "Recognizing God in Everyday Events: Is There More There Than Meets the Eye?"

Nov 14 - Rev. Brian McMaster - "Current Reproductive Technologies and the Catholic Faith"

[pervert mode]Hmm....especially looking forward to that last one. [/pervert mode]

NB: Around this time two years ago, I took this picture while walking home from Fitzwilly's after the ToT. Time sure flies.

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