Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nggak Penting

Have you..

fallen in love with someone you can't have?

Yes, I have.

missed someone too bad til you can't sleep at night?
Mos def.

kissed a member of the same sex?
On the cheek? Yes.

been so depressed?
Yup, not just once in a blue moon.

felt so lonely and dunno where to go?
Not lately.

been dumped?

spent more than 5 hours in front of your TV?
Yes. Law & Order marathon (and many other TV series marathon)

gone out with friends and got back home at 2 in the morning?
Fo shizzle. What do you think is the weekend for?

had only two hours sleep?
You mean napping? Yes. Otherwise, yes, too.

got drunk so badly?
No, just "passed out".

made a fake smile while you're hurting inside?

been miles away from the one you love?
only miles away? What about thousands of miles?

slit your arms just to see blood and feel better?
Uhh, no! I'd rather turn up the volume to some trash metal or something.

had a thought to suicide?

lost 10 pounds in a week?
More like in two months.

pretended that you're sick just to skip school?

fallen asleep in the classroom?
Yes...I think.

spent 100 bucks to shop at once?
Other than for electronics? Yes! Oh my.

been in a car accident?
Once. Wasn't my fault.


hanzky said...

hihi ngomong2 weight loss..today is my third day of dieting..heheh..i blog about it too in a separate blog, tapi belum di kasih tau sapa sapa..ntar aja deh kalo sukses dietnya...heheh...

Xinda said...

Hahaha...mantep! Pake olahraga juga tak?

hanzky said...

maunya sih begitu..tapi belum nih soalnya kemaren abis operasi gigi jadi gak boleh lumpat2 dulu..heheh...

Xinda said...

Bagus-bagus. Target berapa nih ampe Desember? ;) Nggak lah ya, kan diet dan olahraga buat kesehatan, bukan buat gaya-gayaan, no? Hi hi hi.

hanzky said...

maksudnya diet itu biar nanti di jakarta bisa di pol polin gituu makannya....hehehe...enggak dehh..nggak tau nih mau nurunin berapa, it's not about the # on the scale, it's about the shape sebenernya...tapi kalo mau rubah bentuknya berarti harus nurunin beratnya dulu juga siih...heheh..ribet yahh.

Xinda said...

Oooo mo ngerubah bentuknya, hihihi...pake angkat-angkat beban dikit kali Jeng. Selain kardionya tentunya. Iya emang ribet. Susahnya mo punya badan "bagus".