Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Breathing through my mouth (darn stuffy nose)

There were a lot of interesing conversations during the seven hours we spent on the road today. Half of them were about our--or rather, your--favorite subject, relationships.

You said you've heard too many stories about unfaithful marriages, either or both partners were guilty of charge. It runs in your family, your friends', your co-workers'. It's depressing that the world could be such a dreary place to be lived in. The next second, you came back to your usual optimistic nature. Trust is important, you said, but above all, one must survive, should one experience that kind of violation.

I never understand why one breaches the most important commitment one could ever make. It's easy to say it now, I guess. When one faces the opportunity so attractive, that's probably when the moral imperative vaporizes perniciously. Ah, to be young and naive (and of good nature?), to treat and in return expecting to be treated fairly.

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