Thursday, October 12, 2006

Boredom needs company

It's another gloomy, thunderstorm warning morning. I started off the day with measurement and more measurement. I came upon the Rolling Stone's website from the Google desktop bar. Thank goodness, otherwise I am really going crazy. I browsed over the video section and found a music clip. Been hitting the play button over and over and over.

At 10:30, I made a phonecall to a girlfriend whom I haven't talked to in ages. She's been on my mind lately--along with two or three people I should always be in touch with. She was a frequent reader of Misnomer but she hasn't had a clue about the existence of this blog despite of the subtle clue. *wink* Should I just tell her?

The girlfriend was one year my senior in highschool. She'll be finishing a PhD (in Biochemistry from a reputable fancy university, no less!) sometimes next spring. This years is her tenth year living in the States and going to school. We are pretty much in the same boat.

"Really, what kind of life we've lead all these years," I said.
"Well...we'll be through it sometime." I envy her state-of-mind. She's always calm and logical.

Before her cell phone died on us, we made plan to watch The West Side Story in two weeks and another plan for an end-of-the-year roadtrip to Las Vegas and surrounding area. Anyone wanna join us for any of these? Anyone?

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