Friday, October 20, 2006

Random Friday

"How old are you?" The guy already violated one of the sanctums of womanhood.
"You don't look like twenty-seven. You look like twenty-two."
"Aw. Thank you. Ha ha ha." I'm not sure if I should be flattered or mad.


"OK, I'm going to the library, I'll call you when I got back."
"The library? The bar or the ..."
"I know you would say that, the real one... Do I really look like the type? Beside, it's 1 PM Friday."


I borrowed two books purely for reading pleasures. Three or four Designing Women reruns in a row is not fitting for before bedtime activity anymore.
They are:
  1. Status Anxiety. Ha, interesting, it is written by someone who can still be categorized to belong in our generation. Let's see how entertaining and witty it is.
  2. The Complete Peanuts. I believe, we had a copy left back home.

A really big guy in my research area of interest (the advisor ranks him as one of the top three authorities in the world) gave a talk this afternoon. I came up with a question for him out of naivity. He answered it clearly and added a few more extra points. I had thought that the method they used is not really that practical. He confirmed that humbly. But then in this industry, there are always bountiful of innovation and improvement that break whatever physical limitation.

Anywho, I'm going to ask his signature for my copy of a book he wrote.


I'm interested to participate at this photocontest for International Education Week at our school.

Photo Contest Guidelines

c. International Students, “As Others See Us” —photos taken in the
U.S. that represent something the student finds typical of the United
States, region, or community. This is a subjective category, so the
description given will be important. An example would be a picture of
how Americans use sports memorabilia in restaurant decor

2. Criteria:
a. Size: 8 x 10 to 16 x 20
b. Mounted on foam board for display
c. Previously unpublished

Look, it's 2% of a full moon. Which day is Eid going to fall on? Isn't Monday or Tuesday too late?

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