Monday, October 23, 2006

and when I grow up, I wanna be a politician

life is pretty good back here

how so?

well, let's see...
i have family, food, lots of food, and i don't have to do laundry or wash my car ever again

ahaha, true that
24-hour food, laundry and maid service, and you have cable
life is good...

yeah, plus no traffic, working from home


people say that this city is kotor, semrawut
but after a while, you'll get use to it
it's just the way everything is here

I guess

i still can't drive like orang jakarta though

it'll get back to ya

you know what i want to do next?
trying out to become one of those news anchor
specifically, the english news service

yeah? TVRI programa 2?

Metro TV juga ada
that way, it's easier to sell my self
once it's time to jump into politics

oh my, you are serious about that politic thing?

hell yeah

ck ck
ehm...tapi kali harus agak langsing dikit kali ya...

HA HA HA, OK, i will

dan kali pake jas-nya yang kerenan dikit potongannya

ah, di belakang meja ini...
cuman atasan doang aja kan yang penting

ha ha ha

Ha ha ha

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