Saturday, July 14, 2007

Going Gung Ho

Hmmh....I don't know how far luck will go with my ignorance and gung ho mentality. Case in point is the "bundle of joy" I am currently spending my time on. With the goal in mind to finish things as quickly as possible, I didn't think much over the minutiae of the process flows, in fact, I didn't consider anything much all. True to the heart, I am operating like a horse with its eyes covered to stay on the route.

I refused to give up on a processing of a certain metal after using all the known chemical mixes designed for the process. Luckily, we have all three available in the lab, strangely, none of them worked. I ended up using the one heck of an a*c*i*d solution that for sure will do the job, granted not to the best quality. It didn't work on some portion of each plate, but I decided it was already good enough. It turned out the use of such solution save me on the next step. It automatically cleaned the backside ox*ide to enable the con*tact formation to the sub*strate--a necessary step I ignorantly left.

Another problem is that the choice of metal I have has been known to not forming a good oh*mic contact, not without a significant elevated temperature ann*ealing. Well...I tried one to around 800 centigrade. Surprisingly, there were no peeling off and the measurement shows that some of these things might be working just all right.

To add to the craziness, I found out later, that those portion of the plates that I thought were totally damaged, were actually the ones that gave good result.

Note to self: thinking before doing, you won't be as lucky forever.

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