Monday, July 30, 2007

State of Health Address

I come to realize I do a state of health address more in the hottest months of the year than any other time. Does it mean a) high temperature equals health problem or b) I just have too much time lying around to address the issue(s)?
  1. Redness of the eyes
    Well, it started as one irritated right eye in the middle of the week. I haven't use contact lenses except on the weekends. It's safe to say, it was not from questionable cleaning practice on the contact lenses, as what normally happened to me. I put a drop or two of over the counter generic eyedrop. Problem solved on that one eye, but in another 12 hours, the other eye showed the same symptom of irriation. I treated that left eye with the eyedrop, it worked fine, but in another 12 hours, the right eye got back to status quo, which compelled me to put the eyedrops again. Thank Godness, the cycle stopped right there.

  2. Skin Fungi
    This is a self-diagnostic. I bumped into an itchy spot on my left arm with protruding white dots on it. I used to have these back home when exposed to direct sunlight on a very hot day. I haven't put anything on it. Please don't spread around, little fungi.

  3. Back Pain
    This is just plain weird. I haven't killed myself in a rigorous workout problem for a few days (it feels like something that one might get from overdoing Rotating Torso exercise). Why the back pain, then? From sleeping position? OOT: I finished the book last night in a hasty fashion for the sake on knowing who's the killer. I will reread the detail again, including guessing the meaning of the copious fragments and sentences in Latin.

  4. Sand Particles Inhalation
    Not from a beach trip, mind you. Today, I sandblasted parts of an equipment. I wore mask, I can still fill particles inhaled. Luckily, the new sandblasting equipment reduced the amount of time needed to get it done. Be still my poor lung

  5. Question on if I should start visiting "woman doctor"
    We have no family history on "women problem", but being on the late twenties, I think I should start doing so, it's covered by the health insurance anyway. It's just I'm too lazy to drag myself to an appointment in the middle of the week, during office hour. Heck, I still have my glasses prescription six months ago which is still not materialized into an ownership of a new pair of glasses.


Anonymous said...

Haha, probably "itchy women problem"? hahaha


Xinda said...

KYH, you're killing me. HAHAHA