Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ranting i-Products


hahahah mangkel nggak dapet iPhone pak? ato emang anti iProduct?

anything i is the anti-cool
people who want to seem like they're cool... buy iProducts
not even 3G... for 600 bucks

I don't know...Mac is worth it
iPod i anything else...I don't know

a mac isn't really an iProduct
it's just MacBook...
ada sih iMac...and it's lame

the thing is...I am partial to junk tech stuff..my future depends on the market for these things

there's a whole world other than iCrap
overpriced overhyped
shows you how far a pretty face can go in the world

what's your cellphone?
brand type etc?

the cheapest nokia
i don't know the type haha
it makes phone calls

good boy

org sini gaji 3 juta HP 5 juta
8 juta

I know...how can people afford it?

kaya org penting aja...
HP pake those pen

it's called stylus

yeah those things
i am the anti fancy cellphone
especially for people who dont have a use for it
but u know lah...bangsamu... just to show off, flip out a Nokia N95... ooooo...aaaaaaaaaahhhh

bangsaku kan bangsa mu juga
makanya dididik itu

i'm kryptonian
i just use my ear haha

then use those powerful laser eyes to destroy every single overhyped cellphone

ha ha
kalo gw ada iPod...
i'd stick it to my cellphone...
with duct tape

oh well...we know better

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