Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today Is What I Call a Productive Day

On the list of honor:
  • Grocery, check
  • Cooking, check (beat this Rachael Ray, on our not-so contingent hand: a 2 hour cooking time for the whole week's worth of meals)
  • Laundry (along with white clothes pre-treament in bleach), check
  • Ironing, check
  • Rec trip, check (I tried HIIT again today and it killed me again. Two sets of one minute walking, five minute running, one minute sprinting. I spared you the speed of each activity.)
  • Window shopping, check (seriously, whoever still shops at Old're a big spender. Try Target instead.)
  • Bookstore trip, check (I stumbled upon the translation of Umberto Eco's The Name of The Rose. I managed to read the first 53 pages. I believe I watched the movie nine years back. Seriously, I gotta love this book. It has everything I am passionate about: detective plot, Catholicism, and the Middle Ages. Will try to check one out from the school library.)

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