Monday, July 09, 2007

Music and Work

Today I broke my record (since March) to work inside the lab for 14 hours straight saved for the 15-minute lunch and dinner. Good thing is that I was able to realize my work goal of the day. It kinda paid off the aches on my legs from having to stand most of those time spent in the lab. There were times when I swirled from one point to another by pushing myself on the swivel chair. It was that tiring to walk.

It also came with a good dose of boredom. To relieve myself, I asked some people on my MSN for songs, I mean, the titles.

"Just give me a song, any song, and I'll find it on YouTube," said I.

One came up with this.

"Nice one," I said. It had a happy jazzy tune that makes me want to dance around.

"I have it memorized," he said.

I thought what a lucky girl his girlfriend is.

At first, my own sister wasn't able to come up with any song title for me, until suddenly, she sent me this YouTube link. I eagerly clicked on it, when I realized what the selection was. Great, now it reminded me of this movie and the fact that I was totally alone in the big yellow lighted lab. Yes, that NY is just something. What a bully!

Next, B came up with a title corresponded to a thieving feline.

"What's that?" I was curious even before I got around to browse the YouTube.


Apparently that particular song is a current hit, despite of its lack of quality.

Luckily, B proceeded to list several titles that are closer to my liking. These so-called adrenaline songs include In the End by Linkin Park, Believe by Franka Potente, and Anvil of Crom, the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack.

Now, you guys, prepare a list of song for me to hear while I'm immersing myself of yet another long hour day at the lab tomorrow. It helps. Thank you very much.

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