Friday, June 22, 2007

Bathroom Talk

BEHOLD!!! My Eco-Washer!!!
My butt is free!

ada2 aja
why don't you splurge for a bidet?

bidets are so old school

nice pair, side by side...

yeah...but u have to MOVE to do the deed

add a hot tub
ambient light...background music
what's the water capacity?

it just connects to the water pipe...

do you have enough pressure?

the water pressure pushes the nozzle out

I mean to flush...what's the gpf?
gallon per flush (I'm guessing)

to flush...i dunno...
it's separate from the toilet itself... it's one with the lid
so u can install it on any toilet

oh ok
that's kinda a cool project
I guess I can try a DIY
Lowe's here I come

it's VERY easy
I installed it myself
and I'm no handyman

I will built it myself hihihihi

ha ha
it's only 60 bucks
cost u more to make it haha

yeah maybe....
it's really not that hard actually
get a tee to divide the water from that keran...a cheap plastic pipe, and a nozzle

of course it's not hard to Phd chick.... for little old me...
Toto is the way to go lol


there r more advanced versions...

hmmm...what could they be

gives u a messaging spray...etc etc


not kidding
ada keypadnya

TOTO is a Jap right?
pantesan ada2 aja


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