Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nurture et Nature

This evening, I was invited to a colleague's home for dinner. While he, the wife and the other guests were conversing in their native language, I was playing with their happy-go-lucky 5-year old daughter. She asked me to read her a book. I said sure and she sat nicely on my lap. I read the story using different voices for different characters. She listened attentively. All in all, we both had a wonderful time even though I didn't enjoy the choice of book, it's an over hard use of Cinderella theme.

I'd say it's my nature to have that nurturing thing going on.


nadia said...

..soo are yall stil goin to dallas this weekend? coz if u are.. i cant even go because my finals start on monday!!! gawd gawd............:(

how are you guys doing? i miss you so much. :( knp kok kita ga pernah hangout lagi??????????????? gawd.

Anonymous said...

mother hen.

your chicka[dee].