Thursday, June 07, 2007

Just Stuff

I resumed Rec activity last night by taking it easy at the elliptical and the machines. I did five out of the usual seven machines, reduced the weight and number of sets. I went home and slept at 11:30. So we might say, things are getting back to normal at the Casa de la Cherry.

On the computer note, the harddrive of the computer at home is at the end of its service. chkdsk /R showed 50 % unrecoverable error. It's time to shop for a new drive. The thing is I didn't back up some of the files. I will try to slave drive it to the computer at work. All my school stuff are safely stored in multiple places, it's the pictures of the yesteryears I'm afraid to loose.

Deacon Bill might be able to serve at Papa's memorial service this June 16. We are working on the program, choosing readings, songs, etc. It will be beautiful. Mom will do the 40 harian Rosary prayers at home at the same day. [Are you having fun today, Papa?]

That's it for now.

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