Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Never Before

in my life, I intentionally tried to screwing up an interview, screwed it, and still practically handed the job.

No, not a "real" job. It's another teaching assistant thing for next semester. This time, it is for my own department, to become the lab instructor for a class I took on the last year of my undergraduate days (think the year 2000). Did I tell you I am never a fan of the traditional field of my own department? That is why I switched over to the current field on graduate school.

Great...just in time I was thinking it will be a smooth sailing uninterrupted working time on the stuff needed to finish up the degree. Darn advisor, darn the situation, darn, darn.

I am already planning a minimum effort on doing this job. Yes, I am.


nadia said...

i guess ur worst just wasnt worse enough! LOL! congrats? LOL

Xinda said...

LOL! It's still pending though. And the pending matter is funny too. LOL.