Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Silly Things Keep Happening to Me

I'd heard from Jim, I'd be glad to.

Nice. Could you send me your information, your office number and phone? And when the alarm goes off, make sure you check on the stairs to see if everybody does go down.

Sure will.
This morning I was asked to become this half of the floor's safety proctor. Why me, I wonder? Why not, as Bu Didi put it, "pria gagah perkasa berani mati"?

Two nights ago, I was talking to a friend. He was browsing the 'net.

"Hey, you've got a paper published here..." he showed me the website of one of the respectable journals, well at least for me.

"Are you serious? Let me see, let me see...."

It turned out the advisor sent that paper we've been working on back and forth between us for six months to a better journal than the one we were shooting for. He sent it out for publication in April and a month later it got published. No wonder I didn't receive a FW of any reviewed material to be corrected from him, the paper was published as is. The thing is he didn't even tell me it got accepted. Silly. OK, three down, one to go!
The advisor asked me to send an e-mail to the masses. He is desperate on keeping a class he's going to teach in the Fall. The requirement for a class to be offered is more than five students enrolled. And so far, no body registered. He put out the important points about the class and asked to cook up something out of it. Here is what I came up with...

Dear students,

Are you curious on the science and technology behind the semi*conductor world and eventually are interested on the chance to work at the industry (couples of big names are Intel, AMD, Mic*ron, IBM, Moto*rola/Free*scale, Texas Inst*rument, etc.)?

CHEN 4*7*5 Micro*electronics Pro*cess Engi*neering course (syllabus attached), offered once a year in the Fall semester, is THE way to go to learn the fundamental understanding of semiconductor processing.

Please take this time to register by the end of July to make sure you have what it takes to tackle the job interviews for the industry.

Again, this might be your last chance to take the class before graduation, so hurry up before you miss on the opportunity.

Y** K**

When I asked him for the permission to send it out, he went like "It's very good, send it out now!" Ha ha ha.

Actually, it is to my advantage for the class not to be offered, because then the advisor will have to teach that class I should be teaching which means it will set me free. I should be setting up an evilish scheme to realize it instead of helping him. Oh well, we see how it ends.

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