Thursday, February 01, 2007

Carpe Diem

All these years, as a part of emanating byproduct, I've let people to build such an unnecessary high expectations on me. When facing the prospects of failures, my first instinct is to protect myself from such public exposure. Forget about what people say, truly the downest of it all is the fact that I fail myself.

All I need is to be reminded again and again. Carpe diem. Fight, fight for my future.

I'd just have to quote the whole post of a certain Miss Tangerine Mangifera.
To fight, perhaps. To survive. To hold on until the end. To push forward and to stand tall. To hold my chin up and to keep my eyes dry. To smile with each passing day. To embrace the mornings with praise. To be happy. To pretend to be happy. To be sad, or upset. And still pretend to be happy.

I never knew adulthood is not as much about accomplishing as it is about enduring.
So help me God.

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