Sunday, February 25, 2007

Hubba Hubba

A fun February night at a new cafe filled with insightful conversations about art, culture and politics. :P Desserts by Christopher of Christopher's World Grill, drinks: distinctively refreshing passion fruit ice tea.

Let's pretend to be models for the night.

One more time...

Beta Tau Alpha Magazine, Fabulous Feb Edition...It's too-hot-for-pants-a-bit-breezy-without-jackets-flat-shoes-are-beautiful number.

"Eh, gimana kalo kita ke Gerbang Utara abis ini?"
"Jadi pulang dulu nih, dandan?"
"Iya dong..."

i am trying to keep a very platonic relationship here
sofar yes.. note: we both have a platonic relationship....
you and I
oh..well...I'm not like her at all...she's all that :D


nadia said...

fun night!!

man i've been up since 6 trying to figure out freaking 3rd grade math... ade ga ngerti deh.. why the heck would u need to teach the kids adding in different bases other than 10 just to learn addition/subraction in base tens?? its confusing the hell out of me.. ive nver had to add/subtract in diff. bases seems so.. pointless... dont u think? i might be wrong.. but heck, i think all we're doing is confusing these kids (and myelf) even more....URGH!!!!!!!!!!

Xinda said...

Ade...your academic life is one dramatic experience. HEHEHE...

I remembered we did operations in different bases when I was in junior high, wow...this is much advanced.