Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This Is A Very Big Step

...for someone who doesn't believe in Valentine's. Uhuk. :p

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Hey, sorry I didn't have time to say hello yesterday
I was so swamped, I was teaching from 9 to 6.

Ho..you got two sections on Mondays?

Yeah...hey, I've got to ask you something.

What is it? (Please say, "Would you be my Valentine?")

How do you measure the thickness of an ultra thin film, I have this...blablabla...

Oh...(*disappoinment ensued* hoaohaohaohaoh) we usually just do a T*E*M on it.


Anonymous said...

waah uanyakk :)


nadia said...

HAHAHA thats hilarious.

this is long. get ready.

KIH, i got that job at Rosie's.. and yesterday was my first day. it was a nightmare. today im goin back there to quit.. haha it just aint for me.. and thet lady is freagin rude...i swear to god! hmph. trus kan ya.. she was gonna make me wwork 27 hrs/wk.. despite me saying that i go to school.. and that i didnt wanna work on tuesdays/thursdays (coz i have classes from freagin 8 til 5:30 & i need time to do hw & study), and on sundays ..(since sundays are usually my studying days..) but she kept on pushing me and pushing me.. and only gave me ONE day off (fridays).. how the hell would i even find enough time for studying if i had to devote 27 hrs of my freakin life to her. she treated me like a freagin slave.. i was supposed to leave at like 10 last night since thats when my shift was SUPPOSED to end.. but heck i freagin stayed there til 11:15.. wtf right.. and i even had TWO exams to study for...i took my first one this morning (dr memory of studying the stuff over the weekend!), and i think it was quite ok. but im takin a nother in 40 mins and im totally fucked over.

so there is an indonesian guy from switzerland who im'ed me on facebook.. saying that hes considering a&m buat doctorate dia.. hohoho..quite cute klo dr fotonya di facebook.. i'll give u a link if ur curious.

wish me the best of luck. i havent had a single hr of sleep since.. uh .. 24 hrs ago.

oh yea.. dan juga kan ya.. ade bilang sama dia ade tadinya mo mulai minggu depan because this week's freakin hectic for me.. but she told me to come yesterday.. and i couyldnt say no krn i wanted to make a good impression.. and i thought id have enough time to study.. hell, was i wrong!