Sunday, February 25, 2007

In An Attempt to be Cultured

After browsing around the shelves of DVD of a certain chain entertainment store all to no avail...

Excuse, me, Sir. Do you have Hello, Dolly! available?
I can check that for you. *scrolling through the database*
Uhm, apparently, we never got a hold of any.
Okay. What about Lawrence of Arabia? do you spell that?
Oh, okay. We do have two copies, but they are all out now.
*darn it* Oh, okay.
Is that "Fight Club" you are holding onto? you have this available right? It's just the case, but I thought
you must have the DVD in front. (I mean, seriously, if you don't
have a copy of this movie and still put the case out in the shelf, I
was just gonna bring my business somewhere else right this instant.)
Yes, we're supposed to. I'll find one for you.

It's good that they still have a couple of Kurosawa's around. Otherwise, I will never coming back there.

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