Thursday, February 15, 2007

It Costs Her Money, Too!

THE sequel is set 2009 release!
Kal-El returns...once again!

terlalu lama
tapi bagus buat semangat hidup?


by then...probably Kal-El Jr. will be watching with you

hellll nooo

why no???

Being single is da bomb
serem kawin2
besides...i get to spend my money on the most important

haha...wait till the moment comes...and I suddenly get that invite in the mail
oh how's the SO?

she's fine

jsut fine? already passing the honeymoon??

she gave a shirt that's too small for V day

err...guess it's not her fault

maybe that's a hint?

hoaohaohahoa exactly
what did you give her?

a medium sized bear

hihihi medium sized kayak kentang goreng aja

with a big belly
it's not too big that she'll remember you everytime she sees that bear?


kayak si itu tuh..yg American Idol?

i keep missing that show
skrg...all the wackos are gone :(

ikutan dong...yg versi Indo
you'll be one of the wackos!



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