Wednesday, February 07, 2007

O tempora, o mores

It just slipped my mind that my mama's birthday was on the sixth! I texted her immediately this morning thinking that she would probably already be asleep. "Trims ya, semoga kalian baik-baik semua," her reply a few minutes later. Such an ungrateful daughter I am.

Other than that, February is just one long dreaded month. What else is there to look for? Summer is still too far away. Valentine, you said? I don't believe in Valentine. Denial denial.

But wait, I'm actually waiting in vain for one piece of news that will guide my steps (profesional or otherwise) for at least this year. O tempora, o mores.

1 comment:

nadia said...

Valentine? u dont care abt whaaa? :P

how ungrateful you are!!! ur mommy mustve been saaaaaaaaaaad! :'( i know i would be.. tsk tsk.

are y'all reccin tonight? let me know, s'il te plait!