Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Catatan (Stalker-nya) si Roy

Deareth Current Object of Affection,

How my heart filleth with joy everytime thou stopping by my humble abode (office, that is)! And to think that thou listeneth to National Public Radio, such a joyous coincidence! There are sparkles in my otherwise zombie eyes when we rehearse conversations, conversation that up to par with long and nice tennis matches. Alas, I am just a foolish girl, who despite of being a creature of habit is not foolish enough to repeat the same mistake twice. Thou art so close but yet so far. I shall do nothing but admiring thou from a far.

Yours truly,
Penguins Dance

2. It is nice to finally get over you, dear.


Anonymous said...

jadi dia naik mobil apa? sampe skolah jam brp? lunchnya hari ini apa? **kasih keker**


nadia said...

sapa sih ni orang.. geez, a lil more info s'il vous plait!

Xinda said...

Carless, I guess.
10 AM or so.
Quite possibly, Mickey D.
Is that stalking enough? :P
Wait for more posts. :P

Anonymous said...

he's not that good looking. And he's so much younger than xinda hiahiahaia.


Xinda said...

Have you ever met him, PrincY??? None of your facts is right.

nadia said...

k'inda hon loves em young meat. hahahahhahahhahha

im kidding.


word verification ade yg kali ini "ILVCZ" i think this is a sign from god that my future lover's initial is C Z... sapa ya.. AHHAHA maybe chad... zaallal..haha! =P