Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Day of Love as We Celebrate It

It was 8 AM. I couldn't wait to open my Valentinr. "Who are these five people?" I wonder [hahaha, not really wondering, I badgered all of them to send me one. "Anonymous aja ya, males sign up," they said, I mean, typed. Those lovable bastards. j/k.].

The website was apparently bombarded by too many V-day enthusiasts, waiting to pick up their Valentine's day greetings. After several trials, I got to read mine. So, so, here they are. Ranging from sweet and demanding (haha)...
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You are rad
and I am too...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
You make me mad
But I still love You

Love you KIH
Although we cancel our Valentine's dinner, I still expect a box of chocolate.

Happy Valentine's Day. May next year be a better Valentine for all of us.

Love you KIH,
to a lamentation on one fund-ery fact of a made up holiday, no less...
Valentine's costs me money!
to a pitiful remark...
nih gw kasi kartu :p
and last but not least, to a very heartwarming with nothing but a Thespian-like quality poetry...
To my really, really good friend.

Oh how I adore thee!
How my finger shakes as I log on to MSN,
while fervently whisper a short prayer,
in hope that thou art there, on the other line!

How heaven rejoices when thou art not busy!
And willingly spare some of thy precious minutes
to converse to a lowly peasant such as I!

With sweet short statement thou always reply,
a yaha to my yuhu.
With great patience thou listen,
to all my ramblings and misfortunes.
With great care and compassion,
with astounding humor and wittiness.

Oh, I cannot imagine life without thee!
Thou art my provider of sanity,
in the midst of parking spaces to count!
Thou also accompany me,
during those dark nights
when there is nothing better to do!

Indeed a fool I am,
but a fool may hope,
and hope is all I have.
That thou may receive my Valentine today.

Still from the world of the internet, I got a "Happy Valentine Day, Babe" in the e-mail. Well, you too, Babe. And an MSN one in the chat. And a fish in the water text message.

Kak Ika Hon tadi mampir, ternyata mo surprais dengan kartu yang taunya ketinggalan...hihi...Thank you, dear!

Ade Hon, hmmph...there goes that dinner.

Happy V-day. Hope yours is as swell as mine. I'm serving dinner to the Men and Women of God tonight, with my very own...Saffron Rice! More of this later.

Maybe Indomie and TV are not bad too, after a Rec trip, of course. Who knows I might encounter my own buff knight (kalo kata Bu Didi) in shining armor.

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