Thursday, February 08, 2007


...Now, if I can find a better monitor somewhere. There are too much saturation, scratches, and ghost shadows around.
It took me until today to get the light bulb on. The problem with the monitor most probably is due to the BIOS downgrade. Since then, my eyes have begged nothing but to replace the troubled display. I finally switched the Brachiosaurus CRT with a T-rex one (17" vs. 15") from the lab hoping that everything will be okay once and again. [Do you know what irony is? To spend a considerable amount of my life working on devices that make up the backbone of flat panel displays and to possess none of latter.]

Except for its scratch-freeness, the second CRT still flickers with the same symptomps. For sure the problem is not on the settings that one can adjust manually from the monitor. My guess is that I just need to find the right kind of driver for it.

On a Rec note, B, I did a couple sets on chess (40 lbs), increased the weight on my shoulder press (by 10 lbs), and finished with a couple minutes of stretching. The stretching eased out the tense on my left calf I had in the middle of the workout. Thanks, babe.


Anonymous said...

chess? chest?


Xinda said...

Thank you, Ms. E[di]tor. I knew there was something wrong...even on the previous post.