Friday, February 09, 2007


"I still have my job because, first, the first derivative with respect with time, and second, x squared."

--Prof. Somebody while giving a talk on drug delivery (and by that I don't mean mules)
I'm generally an impressionable person. Nevertheless, it really is impressive, first, to see mathematics in all its glory used to formulate and to solve such a complex system. Second, that it opens my eyes on the complexity of cancer treatment: between toxicity and efficacy, dosage and time, clinical and pharmaceutical, hypocratic and modelling, physician and patient. And to think that not every cancer patient will have the luxury to be treated effectively.

[I didn't mean to attend the lecture until last minute. I went because I was getting so hungry in between meals and they served coffee, cookies and such there. It was just my bad luck that I happened to ride in the same elevator with the one person I've been trying to avoid for the longest time. We caught up just enough on stuff and just in time I thought I succesfully diverted myself from him, he managed to secure the seat next to yours truly. I'm glad we went separate ways afterward.]

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