Sunday, February 04, 2007

This Week's Muffin

Don't even know what to name it. I took a base recipe for coffee cake muffin and modified it to my liking. There are so many things that went wrong from the start (hence no recipe):
  1. I was planning to substitute chocolate powder for the coffee since I stupidly assume that coffee cake has coffee on it. Everyone should know that coffee cake , much like tea biscuit (but nothing like Sea Biscuit), was named for its suitability to accompany the namehold beverage it carries. In the end, I threw a couple tablespoon of flour from the recipe and mixed the same amount of chocolate powder into it.
  2. The recipe calls for a cup of buttermilk, in the liquid form, to be exact. I already put a whole cup of powdered buttermilk into the egg mixture, until my eyes caught the dilution instruction on the back of the buttermilk can. I spooned out very rough approximate amount of the excess powderand then added a cup of water.
  3. The recipe also calls for granulated sugar, which I don't have, which I substituted with confectioner sugar. The muffins do not taste as sweet as I imagine it should be. Before baking the rest of batch, I added about two tablespoon of molasses.
  4. The mixture was too lumpy for a muffin, I ended up adding more and more milk into it.
I am not proud of these muffins and decided to put creme cheese icing to compensate for the mediocre taste.

NY loves it, though. I prefer the Bran Muffins from last week.


Anonymous said...

Since you're like an expert of making muffins, can you not make them again next week. I know your skill is improving, but I guess too many muffins is too much. Please????


Xinda said...

Oh no...what should I bake then? No problem, I'll find something.

nadia said...

knp siiih.. kinda bake muffins hehehhe.. and send some here. :) i miss yall this weekend. :P